It's a god eat god world.


30th Jul 2014, 5:35 PM in Issue 1
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arborwin 18th Aug 2019, 10:50 AM
In the first panel, Buck continues speaking, pointing with his finger at nothing in particular. "I have this weird dream," he says. "I have the feeling there's a door, or a window, behind me, and something is coming through it. For me. It doesn't sound important when I say it out loud. But it gives me this horrible dread. I can't shake it."

In the second panel, Isa rubs her cheek with her fingers, looking thoughtfully at him. "Does this have to do with the death rumor?" she asks. Buck responds, "It's not a rumor now. Lem sent a message awhile ago. We're all going to die eventually, like the crops sometimes do."

In the third panel, we see the children inside the house, sleeping peacefully in their beds. Isa says, "Even the children?" from off panel, and Buck responds, "Yeah. But not for awhile yet."

In the fourth panel, we see Isa and Buck again, and Buck has put an arm around her shoulders. Isa says, "How long, then? How many days?" Buck says, "We don't know yet. A bunch?"

In the fifth panel, we see the wind blowing through the upper branches of the tree in their yard. Isa says, "I don't much like not knowing, Buck." Buck says, "Maybe it won't be all that bad."

In the sixth & last panel, we see nothing but their dialogue. Isa says, "But what happens to dead things? Where do they go?" "I guess they go where they were before they even existed. That makes sense, right?"