It's a god eat god world.


30th Jul 2014, 5:35 PM in Issue 1
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arborwin 18th Aug 2019, 10:56 AM
In the first panel, we see that Isa is now standing in front of Buck, her arms folded as they continue to speak. Buck looks up at her but her face is not visible to us. She says, "Whatever it is, it's not worth making yourself sick over. We were lucky to have four children without any big problems so far. Let's not push it."

In the second panel, we see Isa's face again. She says, "Which reminds me! What's this about extortion?" She's had to ask him about this so many times by now.

In the third panel, nothing but dialogue is visible. Buck says, "Apparently we have nothing better to do as a society but whine about some ideas Lem threw around years ago. Ask him for a school, & probably make a fuss about how we want all the things the newer colonies are getting."

In the fourth panel, we see that the sky is completely dark now and Buck speaks against the backdrop of that and their small home's rough shingles. He says, "Now that they know crops can die, they want other forms of guarantees. New equipment, new seed lines, and so on." Isa says, "Why do they expect so much? Lem was the first to admit that he didn't know what our lives were going to be like."

In the fifth panel, only dialogue is visible. Isa continues, "When he was still around, it was as much a learning experience for him as it was for us."

In the sixth and last panel, we see Isa standing with one hand on her hip while she gestures with the other. Her eyes are closed and she looks serious. She says, "They're just envying the other colonies. Lem is not going to appreciate that. It's going to reflect poorly on the entire colony. If we expect our own children to leave home when they reach a certain age, shouldn't we expect the same of ourselves?"