It's a god eat god world.


30th Jul 2014, 5:35 PM in Issue 1
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Author Notes:

arborwin 23rd May 2019, 2:18 PM
Panel 1
Larson says, "Speaking of which ... is Buck awake?" He and Man 3 look slightly annoyed at a longhaired man sitting at the end of the table, whose face cannot be seen.

Panel 2
We can now see the longhaired man is fast asleep. Man 3 bumps the sleeping man with his elbow to jostle him awake.

Panel 3
Buck says, "Eh? What?"
Man 3 says, "I swear, you only ever come to meetings for the booze, Buck."

Panel 4
Larson says, gazing off into the distance, "There was a time where I thought you took this place seriously, Buck. What happened to that time?"

Panel 5
Buck says, with his eyes closed, "Yeah, well..."
Larson, speaking from off panel, says, "Considering you just had another baby...Wait, how many kids does that make now? Four? And you're what, 29? Isn't that some kind of record?"

Panel 6
Clango quips, gesturing playfully with his right hand, "At least we know you're good at something." There are some chuckles from the others.

Panel 7
Buck looks cranky, staring at Clango. Someone else laughs, "Hah!" and another person says, "Good one, Clango."

Panel 8
Larson cuts through the levity, closing his eyes and looking serious. He says, "Lem may be bored with us, but we're proliferating like he asked. We should demand what's due."