It's a god eat god world.


1st Aug 2019, 1:50 AM in issue 7
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arborwin 1st Aug 2019, 1:50 AM
Grayling page 0726 Transcription

In the first panel we see a dirty cup with a spoon in it next to a messy pile of papers, some rubbish, and a binder leaning against the papers. Lem is saying from off panel, "Let's continue this conversation in my office."

In the second panel, we see Fern and Lem walking into an office. In the foreground is a computer desk and chair. The environment is clearly lived in and a bit messy. Lem says, "Have a seat, I'll be just a minute. You much of a reader?" Fern says, "I've read some cookbooks before." Lem says, "Any prior interest in biology?" Fern says, "Um, no."

In the third panel, Lem is seen in the background selecting books from a shelf. Fern is in the foreground sitting in a chair and looking worriedly at a book in his hand. Lem says, "Hoo boy. This might be a weirder conversation than I thought it would be."

In the fourth and last panel, Fern is paging through the book with a very wary look on his face. Fern says, "Maybe explain it as simply as you can, I'll do my best to understand?"