It's a god eat god world.


3rd Sep 2019, 1:00 AM in issue 7
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arborwin 3rd Sep 2019, 1:00 AM
Grayling page 0735 Transcription

Fern looks off to the side in a closeup of his right eye & furrowed brow in the first panel. He says, "Well, when you say it like that..."

In the second panel, Lem responds, "Like what?" Our view of him is from slightly above his head, so we can't see his eyes, but he isn't smiling/

In the third panel, Fern gestures with his left hand vehemently. "You're making it sound like I'm doing something irresponsible," he says. "I'm TRYING to do the right thing."

In the fourth panel, Fern closes his eyes in apparent anguish, clutching himself melodramatically. He says, "I can't just leave. He's horrible, but he's troubled. What if I'm the only one who can help him?"

Lem is starting to look fed up in the fifth panel, his mouth open wide as he starts talking passionately himself. "He's gotten on fine without you for 250 plus years now," Lem says. "Have you been listening to me?"

Lem holds up a hand in front of himself, palm towards his face, in the sixth panel. He says, "There are other people helping with that, who know what boundaries are and how to defend them."

In the seventh panel we see that Fern and Lem are now leaning towards each other, verbally sparring. Fern says, "Look, I just. I haven't thought about anything besides going back, okay?" Lem responds, "Start thinking now." Fern shoots back, "What if I can't? What if I never think of something else I'd rather do?"

In the last and eighth panel, Lem looks disgusted, his lip curling and his eyes betraying his complete bafflement. He says, "Do you hear yourself? Making choices is scary, but investing every aspect of your existence into being the perfect victim for one very stupid & horrible man is NOT scary?"