0737 in issue 7
10th Sep 2019, 8:00 AM
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10th Sep 2019, 8:00 AM

Grayling page 0737 Transcription

In the first panel, Lem prods his left palm with his right index finger emphatically. He says, "Cal incapacitated you. IF he could do that to you, he could move on to doing it to the rest of us."

Lem continues speaking in the second panel, "I'm not supposed to think that's a big deal?" Fern looks like the wind has gone out of his sails, startled out of his anger by what Lem is saying.

In the third panel, Lem is getting really warm, starting to shout again, "This isn't solely about you! We have to protect ourselves, protect each other, know to defend ourselves at all."

In the fourth panel, Lem continues speaking, glaring at Fern with angry determination. "You can't just pretend you can make it all right by figuring out what makes YOU feel the most responsible or noble."

In the last and fifth panel, we see a chided and unhappy Fern sweating as Lem ends his rant. "You have an obligation to the rest of us too. You have to reconcile that somehow. THAT'S what you have to think about."

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