It's a god eat god world.


5th Dec 2019, 12:00 AM in issue 8
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arborwin 5th Dec 2019, 12:00 AM
Grayling page 0809 Transcription

In the first panel, we see Viv sitting down on a chair or couch, accepting a thick manuscript as Cal hands it to him. Cal's diary reads, "Viv had come over to give notes on my erotic friend fiction about him."

Viv starts flipping through the manuscript in the second panel, reading as a nillit approaches him on the back of the couch. Cal's diary reads, "Viv has gotten v. swole lately. He's kind of scary."

The next two panels (third & fourth) are filled with Cal's diary text. It reads, "Part of my sentence is a lack of privacy; all my writing has to be read by at least two other people. May and Rae do it mostly. My letters and my diary. But Viv volunteered to be the one who read all my erotic fiction (at least, until he needs a break)"

In the fifth panel, Cal looks thrilled as Viv begins to speak. Viv says, "Aside from the racist & classist issues we discussed last time featuring yet again..." Cal's diary continues as well, "May says he simply pities me, but he seems to genuinely enjoy some of my writing."

Viv looks strained in panel six, trying to muster up a sheepish smile. He says, "This latest chapter was quite...suspenseful! Nice work."

In the seventh panel, Viv waves his hand in the air, conceding issues. He says, "If you sanded our names off this, I might not mind having it on my bookshelf, you know?" He adds, "Please don't take this too literally."

Cal looks overjoyed in the last and eighth panel, giving Viv a glomp as Viv looks straight at the camera looking uncomfortable. Cal's diary reads, "Viv's a good friend!"