It's a god eat god world.


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arborwin 26th Dec 2019, 6:43 PM
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Grayling page 0815 Transcription

In panel one, Cal's diary reads, "For yelling, I was placed in baby jail, where you don't get to talk. But Lem went on talking." Cal is in the corner facing the wall, and May is walking away from him with a chagrined look on her face.

In the second panel, Lem looks a little uncomfortable, but he's smiling. Lem says, "Oh, is this about the diary? I already read it. It's no big deal, so don't worry about it!"

In the second panel, Lem is between May and Rae, an arm around each of them in a spirit of bonhomie. Rae and May look unhappy and weirded out. Lem says, "I don't do that kind of thing anymore, so it doesn't really bother me!"

In the third panel, Lem rolls up his sleeve to show his arm to Rae and May, squeezing his eyes shut in a smile. Lem says, "I don't even have any scarring from it. Have a look! It hardly counted anyway, I did it mostly out of medical curiosity."

In the fifth panel, Cal screams angrily from his corner, "You mean me scared me in my dream for NOTHING?"

In the last, sixth panel, Lem is continuing to smile and talk to May and Rae, but they look unconvinced and miserable. Cal's diary reads, "I got ten more minutes in baby jail, but Lem kept saying it was OK."