0825 in issue 8
23rd Jan 2020, 6:00 AM
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23rd Jan 2020, 6:00 AM

Grayling page 0825 Transcription

In the first panel, Cal smiles, tears glistening in his eyes as they soften and gleam, staring straight at Lem as he speaks, "You were such a beautiful, happy baby. I knew the moment I saw you that I loved you, that I would love you for the rest of time. Raising you and your brother became my reason for living."

In the second panel, Cal slumps forward, causing Lem to step back with a jerk. Cal murmurs, "To think it would all turn out like this ..."

In the last and third panel,, Cal openly cries, big waves of anime tears pouring down his face as he holds his hands uselessly in front of himself like a child. Cal weeps, "How can I apologize for what I've done? It will never be enough."

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