0832 in issue 8
8th Feb 2020, 6:00 AM
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8th Feb 2020, 6:00 AM

Grayling page 0832 Transcription

In this page, they have already moved to the warmly lit first floor of the house. Lem starts picking through the coats on the wall-mounted coat rack, as Rae looks on behind him. "It's gonna be cold, so suit up," Lem says. "Have you got a coat of your own or are you still borrowing?" Rae says, "Um, I have one of my own... That black one."

In the second panel, we see Rae's left foot resting on the rug he is standing on. "It's my feet I'm worried about," Rae says. "Oh? You still don't have a pair of boots?" says Lem. Rae responds, "Even with the custom sizing, the hard upper is just murder on my toes." Lem says, "Eesh, I'm sorry, Rae."

We see Rae leaning over to put on his foot gear. "I'll figure it out eventually," Rae says, looking tired. "I want to go outside. Just don't laugh at me for wearing socks and sandals." Lem scoffs in the background, saying, "Pfft, you know I won't."

In the last and fourth panel, we see Lem and Rae standing on their front porch in the cold dark winter night, the light from inside the house pooled on the floor of the porch and fading past the porch rail. Lem says, "Mm, do you smell that?" Rae, bending over with his hand over his head to shield the light so his eyes adjust, says, "Wow, yeah! What is it?" "That's the smell of snow coming..." Lem says. "And wood smoke."

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