0845 in issue 8
10th Mar 2020, 6:00 AM
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10th Mar 2020, 6:00 AM

Grayling page 0845 Transcription

In the first panel, seen at an angle from above, May points at Cal with her right index finger, poking him in the chest as they face each other. "I was always aware you were pushy when we were young," May says. "That was enough to make me leave. But I used to think you were kind and intelligent!"

In the second panel, Cal glares at May with increasing annoyance, his teeth set on edge in a slight sneer. May says, "Now I see you act totally different from one person to the next."

May's eyes cloud with doubt as she stares into the middle distance in the third panel. "Do you even know who you are?" she says. "After all this time? We're millions of years old!"

The fourth panel is a diagram. Rae and Lem are small and cowering to the right, colored in with pink and green corresponding to their element. Cal is in the center, colored with blue, and he has two heads. One head, a giant, monstrous, snarling one, glares at Lem and Rae with a malignant glint in its blood red eye. A normal Cal head, with a red smiling mouth, faces an oblivious May to the right. May says over the diagram, "You denigrate the boys and then you butter me up."

Looking more upset and ragged, May continues her rant in the fifth panel, her brow furrowing and her eyes shadowed. "Is everything you do in pursuit of this sick game?" May says. "Is your kindness just a veil for your cruelty?"

Cal can't meet her eyes in the sixth panel, deep lines appearing around his mouth as he visibly wilts with shame. May says, "Am I to understand that every time you're nice to me, there's an instance where you're cruel to them?"

In the seventh panel, Cal finally peeps up again, getting closer to May as her face seems to resolve into bitter resignation. Cal says, "Can I SAY something?" May says, "Why don't you write in your diary."

In the last and eighth panel, May looks back over her shoulder as she exits through the bedroom door. "I'll read it if I feel like it," she says. "Good night."

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