0848 in issue 8
17th Mar 2020, 6:00 AM
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17th Mar 2020, 6:00 AM

Grayling page 0848 Transcription

The first panel is a small inset one with Rae's face. He's looking up in shock, exclaiming, "Whoa! What is that?!"

The second panel shows what he was looking at, a large, alien-looking dragon with a long and spindly body. Its head is read and its eyes are large and yellow with a strange pupil like a goat's. The tail is a large flat circular flap. Rae and Lem's heads only come up to the ankles of the creature. "Steady on, it won't hurt us," Lem says. "It's some kind of carsekel'ek, uh, an ice dragon. You normally don't see them at all. They hide." Rae mutters, "Where does something like that hide?!" The snow continues to fall thickly from the sky.

In the third panel, the dragon has moved on, and the two elementals gaze after it through the trees. "When it snows," Lem says. "They pace about, gathering the flakes in their wings for water." "Whoa, it's fast," Rae says. "Why is the tail like that? It looks like a pancake." "I have no idea," Lem says.

In the fourth panel, Rae gives Lem a look. "Didn't you make it?" Rae says. Lem, cigarette in mouth, is still staring at the dragon, and says, "Oh, no. Not that one."

Lem removes the cigarette from his mouth in the fifth and last panel, water dripping down his face from the melting snow. "Guess I'm snatching my own wig, but....I don't design most of them," he says.

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