0849 in issue 8
19th Mar 2020, 6:00 AM
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19th Mar 2020, 6:00 AM

Grayling page 0849 Transcription

In the first panel, Rae looks thoughtful, stepping over the roots of a tree. He says, "You used to design when we were kids."

Lem nudges Rae with his elbow in the second panel, leering as Rae stares at him in confusion. "Yeah, and how many of those do you see now?" says Lem.

Lem looks serious again in panel three, saying, "How I used to do things was flawed."

The two of them are starting to look very soaked in panel four as Lem continues talking, Rae looking worried. "I thought I had to 'help.' Constantly adjusting, tweaking, making decisions," Lem says. "But it always turned out the same. They'd get sick and die."

Lem smiles in the fifth panel, staring off to the side and smiling slightly as he reminisces. "What they really needed was my absence," he explains. "The 'failures' there were ignored are actually responsible for most plants & animals on Faidia."

In the last and sixth panel, Lem is smiling more openly. He says, "Of course, I design when I need to. Like the melceys. But even if I'd had a choice about it, I would have preferred it like this. Lots of weird animals to see." Meanwhile, behind him, Rae looks scared again, wilting and saying, "Speaking of weird, what's that?"

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