0863 in issue 8
21st Apr 2020, 7:00 AM
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21st Apr 2020, 7:00 AM

Grayling page 0863 Transcription

In the first panel, Cal looks thoughtful, touching his thumb and fingertips together and forming a circle with his fingers. He responds to Fola's question, "Well, yes. Your dogged interest in metaphysical elements is dangerous. You need guidance."

In the second panel, Fola gets extremely agitated and starts hollering at Cal, towering over him as he sits in the office chair. "Oh, please, sir!! Lem won't teach me!" Fola babbles. "He HATES me! I should have been YOUR secondary, not his!" Cal sweats and stares up at him, saying, "Fola, please sit down."

In the third panel, Fola falls abruptly silent, realizing he was spouting off. He wrings his hands.

Sitting down in the fourth panel, Fola looks away nervously, probably wondering if Cal's going to be pissed at him now.

Cal's face is strained but smiling in the fifth panel. Cal gestures vaguely with his left hand as Fola pouts in the foreground. "Isn't that better?" Cal says. "Now we can take all the time we need."

Cal still looks nervous and sweaty, but continues his measured speech in the sixth panel, looking at Fola with some concern in his eyes. "Your troubled dynamic with Lemanerial is well known, of course," he says. "But I had heard things had improved between you. Is that false?"

In the last and seventh panel, Fola rubs his ear with his left hand, resting his left elbow in his right hand on the arm of the chair. "No..." he says. "It's better. But he doesn't take me seriously. Constantly bugs me about my experiments. I know I'm not fully matured. But I'm no baby, either!"

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