0864 in issue 8
23rd Apr 2020, 7:00 AM
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23rd Apr 2020, 7:00 AM

Grayling page 0864 Transcription

In the first panel, Cal looks upwards as he thinks hard, a sweatdrop beaded on his forehead. "Haven't you given him reason to worry, though?" he says to Fola. "A moment ago, I said that your interests are dangerous. Are you already dabbling in dimensional magic? Are you doing something involving the lagoon?"

Fola looks shady and avoids Cal's eyes in the second panel, holding his left hand up to his face to partially obscure it. "It hardly counts if the experiments are unsuccessful," he mutters. Cal looks exasperated but accepting. "So I guessed correctly," Cal says. "You need to stop immediately."

Fola looks pained in the third panel, though not as much as you'd expect. He says, "But I have workers. Employees." Cal responds from off-panel, "Give them different jobs."

In the fourth panel, Cal is in full fatherly mode, gently lecturing Fola with a loving but pained expression on his face. "There's plenty of environmental work to be done. Are you neglecting your own element?"

From his sad and vulnerable expression in the fifth panel, you can tell Fola isn't intending to be conceited, despite what he is saying. "All that stuff is so easy for me to do," he says. "Especially with melceys to help..."

In the last and sixth panel, Fola returns to pouting petulantly, sticking his fingers through his hair as he frets. "Am I really that weird to be so interested in this type of magic? Like. Am I crazy or is this system full of strange loopholes that we could easily exploit for more resources...?" In the foreground, in profile, Cal looks dumbfounded, his eyes widening in alarm.

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