0867 in issue 8
30th Apr 2020, 7:00 AM
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30th Apr 2020, 7:00 AM

Grayling page 0867 Transcription

In the first panel, Cal's round sandbox area is seen from a distance, floating in the void, with Cal and Fola sitting at the tiny desk in the center. A platform has popped out of the floor in front of the computer desk with a "shaaa" noise. There is some kind of equipment set up on the platform. Cal says, "We'll go through the process of resolving a single soul."

In the second panel, Cal is standing at the computer monitor, typing in a few more commands as he looks at the setup that he just had generated in front of them. "Do you have any issues with motion sickness?" he asks Fola. Fola, also standing, stares in rapt fascination at the proceedings. "Not that I know of," he says.

Cal looks pleased in the third panel, still looking down at the computer. "Good! And I know you have experience with this equipment."

"Virtual reality?" Fola says loudly in the fourth panel, blushing slightly as he holds the yellow VR visor Cal has manifested for them. "I was inspired by Rae and Lem's video games," Cal explains. "They provide the kind of visual & neural feedback I wanted. The computer takes a death glyph, and turns it into a visualization you can explore & interact with."

In the fifth panel, Cal and Fola's eyes can be seen through their bright yellow VR visors. Cal looks calm and collected, but Fola is looking amped. "So the glyph provides coordinates in the lagoon?" Fola asks. Cal responds, "Yes, it helps narrow down an actual location within the simulated lagoon."

In the last and sixth panel, two puffy novelty chairs appear with a 'poof,' for both of them to sit in. "I guess we'll need chairs at first," Cal says. "Now, I won't lie to you. This can be very frightening, but no harm will come to you." "Lem would never do anything as cool as this," Fola says with an insipid little smile. "Oh?" Cal says.

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