0868 in issue 8
2nd May 2020, 7:00 AM
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2nd May 2020, 7:00 AM

Grayling page 0868 Transcription

In the first panel, we see Cal and Fola sitting in their puffy purple chairs, from a side/quarter view. Cal says, "Now, relax. Close your eyes." Cal is leaning his head back to try and demonstrate for Fola what he should be doing, but Fola is too preoccupied. "Commencing....relaxation..." Fola says too loudly, his mouth wide open.

In the second panel, Fola has closed his eyes and seems to be focusing on his rich inner world. "Are they closed?" Cal asks. "Yes, I've closed them," Fola says, quieter this time.

The third panel is just an image of floating glitch effects. Cal says, "Wait..." and after a brief pause, gives Fola the go-ahead. "...Right. Now you can open them."

The fourth and last panel reveals that Fola and Cal are now wearing two space suits with big glass domes for helmets. They are standing in an environment made up of huge, writhing, sinewy black cables, winding in on themselves and out, and stretching endlessly into the foggy distance. Overall the cables are slick and black, but the air seems to be thick and foggy, humid and fleshy. A maintenance panel is even visible on one of the larger cables. Fola says, "Whooooooaaaa. Is this a dimension within a dimension, or..." "No, there is only the one dimension," Cal says. "We are still 'there,' but I've loaded in a new environment. (Making dimensions within dimensions is pointless & too demanding.) The video game is simply a conceit to get your brain to accept what's happening as sensible. You can skip steps once you get used to using it."

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