It's a god eat god world.


13th May 2020, 11:00 PM in issue 8
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Author Notes:

arborwin 13th May 2020, 4:27 PM
Fola vacantly stares around him in the first panel, as Cal in the foreground looks cheerful and half-turns back towards Fola. "Oh," Cal says. "It might be time to switch up the skin. This is an aspect I was looking forward to showing you! This cable and gravity suit look is just the default theme. There's also..."

In the following panels, pictures of the other themes appear as Cal describes them. The second panel is "Fairy Theme," with Cal appearing in a fairy wonderland as a small fairy flying among leaves and dandelion puffs using his bright pink butterfly wings.

In the third panel, Cal is a merman holding a harpoon and swimming in a coral reef, excitedly pointing at the fish around him. "Mermaid theme."

In the fourth panel, Cal is seen sitting in some kind of minecart, but it's in a sewer? "And...For some reason...A minecart sewer theme."

In the fifth panel, Cal and Fola gaze at each other through the masks of the new outfits they now have on as Cal actually changes the theme. "And the one I thought YOU'D fancy," Cal says. "The standard cable one, but cool hacker robots instead of dome suits." "You were right," Fola says. "This is my fav."

"Careful though," Cal continues in the sixth panel. "The gravity is still wonky." He points his left index finger to emphasize his point.

In the seventh panel, skull-Fola manages to look annoyed through his mask. "Oh...You're not in control of that?" Cal responds, "It's buggy for whatever reason."

In the last and eighth panel, Fola and Cal face each other standing among the cables. Fola is a good head shorter than Cal. "Hmm...That's lame," Fola tells Cal. "I would have fixed that by now..." "That's all it took for you to lose faith?" Cal protests, gesturing. "You really are a kid..."