It's a god eat god world.


16th May 2020, 12:00 AM in issue 8
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arborwin 16th May 2020, 12:00 AM
Grayling page 0874 Transcription

The first panel shows Cal and Fola are still wearing their skull-helmet hacker outfits. Cal, grabbing Fola's hand, says, "Ah, never mind. Let's go this way," leading him away to panel left.

In the second panel, Cal and Fola are seen from a distance, standing among a looming forest of horizontal cables going off in all directions above and below them. Cal says, "My data still isn't quite as smooth as I'd hoped. I have to go by my gut most of the time."

Cal looks exasperated in the third panel as his skull mask disappears with a poof and he mutters, "Ugh, enough of this mask on my face," Fola expressionless (possibly disapproving) behind him.

In the fourth panel, Cal points off to panel right, smiling a little bit. "Oh, see. There it is," Cal says. Fola says, "You can SEE it?" "Yes. That's the whole point of this," Cal says. "To see things."

The thing Cal is pointing at is shown to the reader in the fifth panel. It's a yellowish, bulging, disgusting looking boil on the side of one of the larger cables, across from where Cal and Fola are standing. "See that bulge in the cable?" Cal says. "The corrosion is pretty bad on this one."

In the sixth panel, Cal is shown floating through the air, holding onto Fola's hand so that he trails behind him. Cal says, "Big cables like this have hundreds of souls in them. One off soul spoils the lot, like rotten fruit. But we'll only know what's really going on once we enter the corrosion and focus on our target."

"This is just the process of locating the problem?" Fola says in the last and seventh panel. "This is a lot of work." Cal, looking exhausted and exasperated in the foreground, responds, "Well, I'm doing it manually as a demonstration for you, today. I don't usually jump this many hoops."