0876 in issue 8
21st May 2020, 7:00 AM
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21st May 2020, 7:00 AM

Grayling page 0876

"But for these funky areas, extra steps are needed." Cal summons a stick from the air in the first panel. It appears in his hands with a *poof.* "It's not just a material repair job, but a psychic one."

In the second panel, Fola says, "A stick?" holding his finger to his skull mask in a gesture of puzzlement. Cal is smiling a bit. "I'm gonna poke it," he says, his shoulder jiggling as he moves the stick with his left hand.

In the third panel, we have a closeup of the stick sinking into the soft corroded area, which has a rainbow sheen, but is a lot more yellow than the surrounding healthy cable. "Some of them are incredibly hard, and I have to saw them open," Cal continues. "Others, like this one, are pretty soft."

Cal squats down and scrapes with his stick in the fourth panel. Fola passes his left hand over the top of his skull mask, hovering over Cal and watching him. "Next I make an opening just big enough for the two of us..."Cal says.

The fifth panel shows the hole Cal has gouged in the cable, clearing away all the rotten stuff and just leaving a creepy black pit surrounded by smaller cables. It is dark and creepy, like a cave on an alien planet. "There. All done," says Cal.

In the last and sixth panel, Cal locks arms with Fola, looking a little excited. "Now, we jump in," Cal says. Fola, startled, whips his head around to stare at him. "Just like that?!" Fola says. "Uh huh."

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