0881 in issue 8
2nd Jun 2020, 6:00 AM
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2nd Jun 2020, 6:00 AM

Grayling page 0881 Transcription

In the first panel, Cal tries to get a little punchy, his mouth curling with amusement, as Fola gazes to the side behind him. "How embarrassing would it be if we attacked one of our own creations for no good reason?"

In the second panel, Cal and Fola are seen standing on the narrow spit of land from below, the creamy brown earth of the underside of the land visible. "But sir," Fola says, staring at Cal. "If you say it that way...Aren't you in prison for doing something just like that? I mean... There's already a precedent because you..."

Fola seems to catch himself in the third panel, cutting off where his speech was going and looking at Cal with large, nervous eyes. "Er, I'm sorry," he says. "I have this habit of saying things that pop into my head when I'm confused. I don't mean to offend."

Cal stares blankly with a sweatdrop on his face in the fourth panel, apparently struck speechless. He snaps out of it in the next, fifth panel, saying, "It's fine," with a blank expression still on his face.

In the fifth panel, Cal turns back around to stare forward, and we can see his real expression - extremely strained, attempting to smile, but his eyes and mouth are deeply lined and upset. "I was confused, myself," Cal manages to say. "I got fixated on the 'creation' aspect. I never created anything. But I see what you mean, now." Fola, glowing and enthusiastic with his mouth open wide, says, "You should try creating something! It's VERY rewarding."

In the last and sixth panel, Cal and Fola are seen to be following the increasingly more ornate death spirit to a platform with a large blue area in the middle of it, possibly representing water. Cal says, "I'll take that into consideration. I am quite enjoying gardening..." "Lem likes that, too!" Fola says. "He does it all the time."

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