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4th Jun 2020, 4:00 AM
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27th May 2020, 5:13 PM

Cal looks extremely uncomfortable and hesitant in the first panel, not looking directly at Fola at first. "Um, Fola..."

He does turn in the second panel, poking the tips of his index fingers together sheepishly. "Is there something else on your mind, still?" Cal asks. "I let it drop, because I thought it upset you. But you keep bringing Lem back up."

Fola stares off blankly into the distance in the third panel, apparently taken by surprise by Cal's comment. "Oh. Well," Fola says. "Thank you, but..."

In the fourth panel, Fola walks on a little bit ahead of Cal, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "Since the trial," Fola begins. "It's been really obvious to me that Lem is nasty because of you. It'd make MY life a lot easier if he were like, stable. Seeing this today, now I know it'd be better magically, too. I've learned the value of 'teamed' work, you see. So, while I appreciate you being nice to me, it'd help a lot more if you treated EVERYONE nice from now on, not just me. Otherwise, your favoritism will only create problems for everyone."

Cal looks absolutely stunned in the fifth panel, a little skull floating up from his mouth. "A-ah," he says. "Good points, Fola." His eyes are wide and blank as he takes in Fola's diatribe.

In the sixth panel, Cal smiles and looks back at Fola. "I-I'll do my best," he says. "But are you sure you're not repeating something you've heard? Something May said?" Fola grins and blushes, putting his hands behind his head. "Nope! IT all came from my own mind," he says.

In the last and seventh panel, Cal smiles calmly and appears peaceful, but his diary reads: "I think what I experienced today is what they call an 'internalized scream.'"

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