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6th Jun 2020, 4:00 AM
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27th May 2020, 5:20 PM

Cal and Fola have now arrived at the platform the god was leading them to. In the first panel, we see them all standing together from the back, facing the pool of water that has a big gray block floating above it. Cal says, "Anyway, here we are at the spirit's 'challenge.' The spirit has linked the snarled soul we're after to this puzzle. Solve the puzzle, save the soul. The snarl is cleared, mana flows once again, yada yada." Cal uses his index finger to draw a circle in the air to emphasize.

In the second panel, we see Cal and Fola's feet standing near the pool. Cal says, "There's a very shallow amount of water in the pool. There's a small pitcher. And a cistern floating in the air above."

In the third panel, Fola confidently says, "So we take the water and pour it in the cistern? Easy." Fola raises his left arm, pinky out, summoning his magic. Cal watches with sudden excitement, observing the way Fola manipulates his own magic. "Pinky..."Cal says, staring.

Currents of air pass over the surface of the water with a soft sigh in the fourth panel as Fola gathers the water together.

In the fifth panel, Fola lifts a perfect sphere of water from the pool. Cal, speaking from off panel, is impressed. "Nice. Secondaries are so good at these feats."

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