0885 in issue 8
11th Jun 2020, 4:00 AM
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11th Jun 2020, 4:00 AM

Grayling page 0885 Transcription

The glitching is entirely gone by now, and in the first panel, Cal and Fola walk back into the sandbox area from the gym hallway. Things are still peaceful here, shrouded in blackness. "That was a typical example of a soul resolution," Cal says, walking towards the computer desk in the middle of the sandbox area. "They only require a small amount of attention."

In the second panel, we see a bunch of tallies drawn on a wall. Cal says from off-panel, "Unfortunately, there are MILLIONS like them."

In the third panel, we see Cal holding a solved Rubik's cube and showing it to a pink unicorn with a yellow horn, who just stares back at him blankly. Cal continues speaking from off-panel, "And as you might have gathered, the puzzles are often heavily metaphorical. Things don't always go smoothly."

In the fourth panel, Fola looks over Cal's shoulder at the computer as Cal continues speaking. "I can't get them all done by myself," Cal says. "I need more automation..."

In the fifth panel, we see Cal in profile, staring at the computer. "And a staff," he says. "We somehow have to create or find more magic users."

In the sixth panel, Cal squints his eyes shut and rubs his chin as he thinks deeply. "But that will have to be arranged down the line," he says. "This other thing is the wrinkle that's hold me up right now."

The seventh panel is an illustration of a disgusting looking soul, its blue flame also stained with purple and yellow, its outline distorted and grotesque. It looks way more complicated than the souls we've seen earlier in this story. Cal says from off-panel, "For the basic damaged soul who died in a natural disaster, the puzzles are simple, as you saw. But I've run into a type of diseased soul that have experienced trauma...and for whatever reason...They don't want the pain to end."

The last and eighth panel shows a very large and colorful god. It resembles a large, pink, fluffy, wingless griffin, surrounded by stars. The god is very large, and Cal is cowering in front of it, shielding his head with his arms as the griffin holds a mighty paw above his head. Cal says from off-panel, "The levels are incoherent and full of glitches. The spirits are confused & disoriented in these cases, and might attack me. I have had to run away from all of them...making no progress."

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