It's a god eat god world.


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arborwin 18th Aug 2019, 10:32 AM
Grayling page 0106 Transcription:

In the first panel, Buck approaches his wife Isa in their kitchen. Isa is rubbing herbs between her fingers into a bowl, preparing a meal. Buck says, "Hey, Isa -" Isa says, "Did you change your clothes? I left them out for you." Buck says, "Did we get - Oh, yeah, yeah I did." "Close the door, this isn't a barn." "Did we get a new neighbor?" "No, don't think so."

In the second panel, Buck says, "I saw a strange woman from the road." Isa, looking a bit grim, says, "Haven't you got a big enough family you don't have to imagine people? Maybe you should hang out here more."

In the third panel, Buck rubs his hand over his eyes. "Isa..."

In the fourth panel, Isa looks more cheerful, waving towards the table. "Have a seat, it's dinner time." Buck's son, appearing behind her, says, "Hi, dad!"

In the fifth panel, Buck is seen sitting at the table. Behind him is one of their mattresses, and many items are stored on shelves on the wall. Buck says to his son, "I thought you were going to run away to the big city Lem is building and leave this dirty little village for good." His son responds, "Oh. Well. That. I figured staying here was easier. That is, if you start working harder. No pressure."