It's a god eat god world.


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arborwin 18th Aug 2019, 10:39 AM
Grayling page 0107 Transcription

In the first panel, Buck looks a little resigned, shrugging his shoulders. He says, "It may not make a difference. All the village council can talk about anymore is what they can or can't extort Lem for."

In the second panel, three more children have come in, two older girls, a tall one with a bob and a shorter one with a ponytail. The daughter with a ponytail is also carrying their youngest, a baby. Isa says from off panel, "Extort Lem? What are you talking about?" One of the older girls, one with short hair, says, "Hi. Sorry we're late." Buck says to the girls from off panel, "Hello, girls. Wash up, dinner's ready soon. Good grief, what'd you do to Kay?" He is referring to the baby, who has some blotches on her face.

In the second panel, we see a distance shot of the whole family. Isa is bringing a bowl of steaming vegetables towards the others as they talk at the kitchen table. Buck takes the baby from his daughter. Isa says, "Buck? Buck, what do you mean, extort Lem?" The daughter with a ponytail says, "It's just berry juice, dad. We went picking." Buck says, "You're going to spoil your appetites." The ponytailed daughter responds, "So?"

In the third panel, Buck is holding the baby and cleaning her face with a cloth. He says, "So, you need to eat a variety of things, not just berries. There, all cleaned up."

In the fourth & last panel, Isa sets the bowl of vegetables on the table. It looks like whole leeks and peeled potatoes. Isa says, "Seats, everyone. Eat as much as you like. There's more on the way."