It's a god eat god world.


30th Jul 2014, 5:35 PM in Issue 1
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arborwin 18th Aug 2019, 10:45 AM
In the first panel, we see the house and the tree next to it, and Buck sitting on a bench next to the house, watching the sun set.

In the second panel, Isa walks towards Buck, wiping her hands on a rag and saying, "They're all in bed, finally." Buck responds, "Ah." He has his legs and arms spread wide on the bench.

In the third panel, Isa starts sitting down on the bench with Buck. She says, "So what's all this extortion talk about?" Buck responds, "Oh, they haven't actually done anything yet. Still all talk." "Maybe I should go to next week's meeting." "Don't. It's a waste of time."

In the fourth panel, Isa looks askance at him. She says, "I suppose. Unless I start drinking that smelly stuff like you do."

In the fifth panel, the sky has gone dark in the background, and the tree is also visible, gnarled and twisted. Isa looks worriedly at Buck in the foreground. He's leaning forward, his hair falling into his face and obscuring his eyes. Buck says, "Definitely don't do that." Is says, "Buck, you have gotten so strange lately -" "I'm sorry. I've been doing it too much. It's not harmless like everyone thought. It's just."

In the sixth and last panel, we both characters from the chest down. Buck has his right hand on his knee while gesturing with his left as he explains himself. He says, "I've been feeling sick. The drink helps. Sometimes." Isa says, "What kind of sick?"